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This blog is named after "My little pony" Princess Winter. Things I might talk about on my blog are: Me, Hockey, the OC, the baha'i faith, me, family, friends, school, me... etc.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

What an adventurous weekend

So, sorry its been 2 weeks. I'm trying to update at least once a week, but life gets in the way. The week before last work just gets progressivly worse. I hate that I love my job so much and hate my boss so much. The way he treats his employees is just downright disrespectful. Its disgusting. I'm not even as worried about me as I am about how he treats the rest of his emloyees. He has several of our best emloyees ready to quit because he is such a jerk. Employees who are more devoted to the company than anyone else, even him. Last weekend I went to a "male revue" that we had free tickets for from work. It was more funny than hot. We didn't even stay to the end, and luckily, didn't see any fully naked boys. None of us wanted to see that. The girls ended up drinking alot and i drove one of them home (the rest had other drivers). I had to drag her up her lawn because I couldn't carry her and she wouldn't even crawl. It cracks me up that people ask why i don't drink, and then stuff like that happens. I still love her, but I definatly don't want her to drink that muh again. She bought me these AWESOME flowers monday for it, and they are still alive, (or were friday) because they are just gorgeous and amazing. They told me I am one of their sisters now, honorary of course. They even have this wall where there is a picture of each of them, the receptionist at the other store (jen) and me. We are like this crew now. Its awesome. I've had friends before, but never been part of a crew of friends that we did everything together and hung out all the time. We had a blast last weekend. Last week was 4th of july. Aaron and I were having some problems, but he is doing really good. He bought me flowers last night, and gas for my car this morning. Friday night aaron and I went 4-wheeling and I rolled it on the handlebars and fell off. My arm hurts a little, but everything hurts less than I thought it would. Yesterday I went to this hippie fair in girdwood. It was a lame fair, but we had a blast. Then I got to go jet boating with leslee's boyfriend, leslee, dani, jen and jen's gay friend nick. It was awesome. We went to a glacier and this awesome lake, both of which you can't get to without a specific type of jet boat. It was awesome. I was suposed to help jen move today, but no one has called me yet. Aaron went 4-wheeling with his dad today. I'm just sitting at home chilling. Its relaxing, but boring.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Leslee's BBQ

So, this Bar-B-Que rocked. I didn't have enough time yeterday to do everything I needed to do. I got up and went to lunch with Aaron, then I picdked Nava up and showed her my new home and we went shopping and on a coffee run. She went back to her brothers house and I went to the BBQ; It was just Leslee, Dani and me and Donna at first. We had WAY too much food I think. I had to leave to pickup Aaron cause he wouldn't go otherwise. I did my devotions for feast while I waited for him to get home and then we went back to the BBQ for about a half an hour. We left to get the devotions printed and made it to feast a few minutes before. I went in to give them the devotions, and they had already done their own. I was a little offended. They said they weren't able to get ahold of me, but i put my phone number on the paper and hadn't missed a single calll. No one really tried to get ahold of me. Everyone has my number or my dads number who has mnine They basically assumed I was going to forget and just didn't even bother to talk to me about it. They said they'll use the devotions another time, but I finished them whenb I could have been doing something else. Anyways, we stayed at the BBQ until 10:30 or 11:00. Aaron was PERFECT He was social and not clingy, and affectionate, and just all around wondeful. :) I just got up at like 2:30. Something about this house makes me sleep forever. Its kinda creepy. I never want to get up for work or anything and I don't wake up if I don't set an alarm. Weird.

Oh, and I took TONS of pictures, well, some. So, I will post them on my pics site eventually.

PS Rachel called me yesterday morning and she is a homeowner, a real once, b/c the home is actually already on land, etc.

Friday, June 22, 2007

3 Months is a little excessive

I'm sorry I haven't posted in 3 months. I figured no one was really reading it anyways. But still, not an excuse for my laziness. So, lets see, lots and lots and lots of new stuff.

1) I've moved. I went to fairbanks for a weekend and came back on sunday night and my apartment door had been kicked down and alot of my boyfriends stuff got stolen. My new place is in a nice neighborhood and its way bigger than my old place. More expensive too. Its 2.5 bedrooms 1 bath, big living room/dining room, small kitchen with w/d and a yard and our own driveway we can fit 3 vehicles in easily. The living room/dining room and kitchen has wood floors and the rest of the place has really cushy carpets. It has TONS of cabinet space. Its a duplex so only one neighbor to worry about.

2) I've been promoted and given a raise. Last time I posted Leslee was out of town for a week or so. I got my chance to be in charge and shine. It was definatly worth it. They relized how much they need Leslee and promoted her to this position they made up for her. She kinda does a mix of follow up on everyone else's things and taking care of unhappy customers (which she is really good at). She ends up having more work than most people because they don't do their own work and she has to follow up with it. :P When she got her own office I got her desk at the front desk (as the lead receptionist). FOr a while we were trying to hire a assistant for me, but the ones they tried to hire sucked. The eventually just gave up, and now its dead so we don't need the second person as much. There was so much turnover for a short while cause of all the changes that I am the third longest running person there in the front office (and the second longest is leaving soon too). So its leslee, than me. They trust me with ALOT now. So, I finally asked for a raise. First time i've done that EVER! I was SO SCARED! But they gave me one. $1 an hour more.

3) I had to get rid of the ccats. They weren't allowed at the new apartment. I'm super bummed about it, but it will be okay. We found this nice family to take them. I will miss them tons. :(

4) My computer broke so I don't get to check my email as often. I am going to get a new one once my inheritance comes in, but until then I'm using Aaron's. I need to get the informaton of the hard drive, but that is going to be super expensive. I have lost tons of my pictures and music and information until then.

5) My Uncle on my mom's side passed away a while ago. I cannot find where I mentioned it so I"m not sure if I did. We weren't too close so I'm not devestated, but its still sad. Anyways, he got alot of the inheritance from my grandparents when they died a long time ago, and he had me in his will. I was kinda suprised considering I havent spoken to him since I was a little kid, but he had my brothers and my mom too. So, depending on how much the house sells for I'll be getting a portion, so if you hear me talking about my inheritnace thats what I mean. The first thing I'm going to do is pay off my debt, Pay the huququllah on it, and pay taxed on it. Then I want to set aside some for emergancies to put in a savings account. The rest, if I have enough left, I might buy a brand new truck. We'll see thought. As long as I get enough for the first three, I will be ore than happy. It will be nice to be debt free. :)

Those are the main things. I just got back from Louisville for my Cousin Nadia's wedding. It was alot of fun, getting to see famiy, etc. I am still unpacking and decorating. I tried to do my yard yesteday and got blisters and only got half done. Aaron mowed and i raked and watered the lawn. I have feast this saturday and I have to do the devotions for it and I have a BBQ before and after feast with people from work. So I am super busy, but I took the time tonight to upload all my new pictures onto my pictures website (see link on the right) and to email a few to people who requested them. Other than that nothing much else for now. If you want to hear more updates, let me know cause I hate writing on this thing for no one to read.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Patricks Day!

Hope everyone is having fun and being safe this St Patty's Day. The only thing I love about St Patty's Day is the wearing green part. I hate the pinching thing, but I love wearing all kinds of green all over. Its just fun. I bought cupcakes for work Friday for it also. Hope everyone liked them!

So, work has been awesome since Tuesday. Leslee is out of town, so I have been the only person up front, and although I have a stack of work that never seems to get done, I love that I am busy and that people are trusting me with bigger responsibilities and seem to be appreciating the work I do. I"m not sure if I was just overshadowed by Leslee before, or if there was something else, but now even the boss says I'm doing good.

They even trusted me with taking care of JC's customers while he was out of town for a day or two. That was nice. I kind of enjoyed having my own customers to talk to. I was lucky though that no one got really mad at me. Sometimes people get mad when their vehicle isn't done on time, and there were a few I had to call and tell them their vehicle wouldn't be done on Friday, and JC would have to call them monday to tell them why. Some people get mad when you don't have all the information for them.

I have to work today too, half in parts and half up front. Parts is a mess. I guess the dealers delivered a lot more than normal or something, and Danni has been in Fairbanks helping out, so the parts room is more packed than I've ever seen it. Danni is back though, so hopefully we will be able to get alot of them recieved. I hope I have time to get my stack done too. That would be nice!

Another nice thing about being so busy at work is that I'm making tons of money. I'm working 8 hours a day, usually 3-4 hours of OT a day on top of that (because sometimes I will work from 7:30-7:30, and now I"m working today at LEAST 9-3. Even all that is a plus for them because they are paying me for all that, but they aren't paying Leslee anything. So it actually is cheaper for them. The downside to all this is that I get home at like 8pm every night, and have to be at work at 7:15 in the morning, plus I"m fasting so I cannot eat until 7pm, and I'm usually at work then, so I don't eat dinner until after 8 because I still have to go home and cook. Then, I'll eat dinner, and want to go right to bed.

Speaking of the Fast, it is going well. I am very proud of myself because I stopped drinking soda during the fast. So far I have been successful, except about 3 days. :) I haven't been taking a lunch at work because Juli said she's rather not watch the front desk if I don't mind not taking one and I told her that it doesn't matter if I take one because I'm not eating anyway. So it works out for everyone. I might want to take on next Thursday and Friday though. We'll see. I think I've lost weight. I had pants that used to kinda pop open at one of the buttons because I didn't fit in them too well, and now they stay closed all the time. :)

So, other than work and the fast, the only thing left is Aaron and My Cats. Aaron is doing well. His parents just moved back onto base, which is annoying, but their new house is gorgeous. It is brand new and no one has ever lived in it. As far as the Cats, they are annoying as ever, but I still love them. They are both over a year now. (they have been since I bought them though. although they told me they were 5 and 7 months.) The one weird thing they do is they will play in the kennel I use to take them to the vet. If I put them in it, and they know they are going to the vet, they tear me up (I already have about 6 DEEEP scratches to prove it, all from on incident!), but if I leave it on the floor, they will play in it and sit in it. I even started using it at night when snowpaws is scratching stuff. She still goes in without a fight. Silly Cats

Anyways, I've got to get to work. I want to be there before 9:00. I really enjoy being to work early recently. I get there at 7:15 and it gives me time to make the coffee and get everything started and open, without having to do it between customers. I hope everyone else is doing well!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Only in Alaska....

You know you are in Alaska when you go to a concert, and while the band is singing one of their biggest songs, a random guy in regular jeans and a t-shirt goes up on stage, bends over to fix something, and flashes butt crack to the entire crowd, and no one cares. So, to start from the beginning, I was at work and it was CRAZY because Leslee is leaving for a week and a half and she has a HUGE project she has to finish before she leaves the day after tomorrow. She went in the back room so no one would bother her. I had to man the front desk alone. It was pretty crazy. I really hope I can not only handle the week and a half without her, but that I can shine.

on a side note is that my boss talked to me before I left work at 7pm and when he talked to me it sounded like he wasn't disappointed in me. Something about I was doing good. I don't know how he put it that made me feel better. Oh well, whatever it was he said made it not as bad. Not HORRIBLE, but not as bad, I guess.

Anyways, Leslee was so busy with her project that she said she couldn't make it to the concert. She had free tickets from somewhere, and asked if I wanted them. She said she was sure she couldn't go, so I took them. Its funny because she left before me, but I have a feeling she is the kinda person that has to go home and get all ready before she goes out. I went in my work clothes and Aaron went in his Lithia clothes. (another thing you see in Alaska all the time). So, the concert started AT 8 almost exactly. It started with some we hadn't heard of. Apparently an opening act. He kinda sucked, and when he played Johnny Cash's "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and the crowd was supposed to sing back "yipie Kai yay" and like 3 people did it hte first time. After that, everyone else did it, but everyone else consisted of about 1000 people at the most in a place that fits 5000. (probably partially because it is a TUESDAY NIGHT!)

After about a half an hour of crap, they took a half an hour break where they turned on the lights and changed the stage. Instead of going straight into the the main act, we all had to sit there for another half an hour. If I had known that, we would have gone home to change and showed up at the concert at 9pm. We only stayed until 9:45 because I have to work early tomorrow. It was kinda fun, but not all that great. I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

One thing that bugs both Aaron and I about concerts, is those people who get so into it that they invade everyone else's space. We were watching a person in about the 3rd or 4th row from the front who would stand up and clap, so no one else could see, and then would bounce back and forth running into people. Oh well, at least we were far away from them. Anyways, it was exciting getting to the concert because it was exciting expecting a lot. It was okay, in the end.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Stressing About Work

So, the most recent update of my life would have to be titled "Stressing about Work". Basically, I love my job. I love the environment for the most part, I love alot of the people I work with. one of the things I really like about it is that They are very understanding of emergancies. If some emergancy comes up and I have to miss work, everyone understands and it is okay that I"m not there, unlike other jobs I've had. I was loving work more than ever up until the other day. The production Manager that came from fairbanks to help out, who became production manager, became general manager on the 1st. I am not sure if he just doesn't like me, doesn't think I"m doing a good job, or it isn't anything, but I am not enjoying work since he took over. He has told me not to talk to insurance companies (which is half of our business) and then the next day not to talk to customers (which is the other half). Now, I am reduced to answering the phone and transferring or taking messages. I can do a few other simple tasks, such as a little bit of data entry or filing, but other than that, nothing. Because of that, I don't have nearly as much to do. I was busy today, but I not only finished my pile of things from Friday, but I also went through a book of people to call and schedule and left a message for evrey single one. So, tomorrow, if leslee leaves stuff for me to do, I will have enough to do before I go to lunch, and then after that, nothing. I hate doing nothing. The worst thing about all of this is that I hate that they don't think I'm going a good job. I figure the only reason they would not let me do things I had been doing for a while is because I"m not doing a good enough job. I hate feeling like that. Thats one of the worst things in a work environment for me, if feeling like they think I'm doing a bad job. So, I stress about that all the time. My "Supervisor" (or the other receptionist basically) keeps saying that I have to learn the basics, and not to take it personally, but I wasn't aware that I didn't have the basics down. I thought I was doing good. I was apparently mistaken. She also goes on and on about how it takes time and I haven't been there for very long. When I started there, she had been there for 8 or 9 months. She was already practically in charge of the whole place (and this is 8 or 9 months total between both the chaz's cause she mentioned she started at the other one. I have been there a little more than half the time she was when I started, and I"m nothing but a switchboard. So, yes, I'm stressing. I don't know if expectations are higher here, or if I'm different, but I used to be the favorite of every workplace. Everywhere I worked I exceeded expectations, and they gave me glowing references and they loved me. Ever since I moved to Anchorage, every job has had such high expectations for me that I was pushing myself to do my best harder than I ever had before, and it still wasn't good enough. Thats tough for me to accept, that my best isn't good enough. Aaron's really sweet saying he's sure i'm a great employee and he's sure that they like me. Other than him and his family, he's the only one. Everyone who seems me work doesn't seem to feel the same way. They just don't say anything one way or the other. Anyways, enough about that. My cats are the most annoying pets in the world. Too bad I love them so much. They scratch up everything, they run everywhere day and night and that make as much noise as two toddlers in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep. Its insane! Thats pretty much all of my life. We'll see how its going down the road. :P

American Idol

I only have a few moments to post, so I am going to do a quick post and do a real post another time, eventually. So I don't know who all watches american idol that reads this. I usually don't, but this year, I was watching hte tryouts, which is what I usually watch, and there was this kid that I thought was awesome. Him and his sister were these little middle eastern kids and they both seemed like really good, moral kids. I liked them so much, i decided to watch until they got kicked off. I think the girl got kicked off right away. The boy, isn't really a very great singer. So, the funny part is, that he is still on. They are down to the top 12 right now, and america has voted off some awesome singers and kept this kid on who is an okay singer, but a great, positive kid. He seems more shocked than anyone every time they don't send him home. I wondering if this is a change in the way american's are thinking? Are they now more concerend with personality and morals than with a skill that a person has? I sure hope so. I would vote for him too if I voted for anyone. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My birthday party!

So, I had a very nice birthday party. Aaron bought a cake for me, and I cooked taco's for aaron's family and him and I. I got very nice presents from my parents, his family and Aaron. Aaron got me a digital camera. :D I have lots of pictures of my cats now. I will post them soon. :D We went to bed pretty early cause I was SOO tired. I hadn't gotten a lunch that day and left work so late! Anyways. Friday night Aaron and I went to his friends Spencer's house. He got a new big tv, and a new coffee table. He bought us pizza and Him, Us and their friend Eric and his girlfriend all watched a movie. It was alot of fun. We haven't done a group thing like that in a little while. I miss doing stuff like taht all the time. :P I worked today also (saturday) and got alot done in the parts department. I like coming in to help forrest catch up.
Thats about it for me for a while. Rachel sent me a birthday and valentines day card, which was really sweet of her. :D I think thats it.